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Polar bear rules the snowy Artic
For months his mouth was active
Then it is time he hibernates
As Morpheus’ syringe injects
The cold claws of Winter bites
He bows to the yearly rites

The thespian went on a folough
Hibernating in an obscure Borough
Away from the prying Paparrazi
She ne’er missed the media frenzy
That gnawed at her every move
She is now safe under her roof

The hippy star went on a hiatus
Hibernating away from pesty us
Suddenly a new act came aboard
Garnering frenzied fans in a horde
The hippy star desired a comeback
Time passed, too late to come back

There maybe tranquility in hibernation
‘But time waits for no one’ says a notion
When in inertia you hibernate,
You deign to procrastinate
©®William Warigon 2018All Rights Reserved