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Yesterday, news filtered in from Jalingo; the Taraba State capital, that former Minister of Women Affairs, who recently resigned, Aisha “Mama Taraba” Alhassan has removed all items she donated to the APC Secretariat in the state. Mrs. Alhassan recently left the political party and mama decided to go along with computers, tables, rugs, air-conditioning sets and furniture (maybe hand-fans, too)

Mama has since denied that she ordered for the removal of these items but that she supports her boys going there to remove them. According to her: I bought the items to furnish the party secretariat, but since I have moved to the UDP, I did not see anything wrong with moving with all my belongings. They should buy their own furniture for the offices,”…(Hehe!!!)

You’d recall that Mama Taraba narrowly lost the gubernatorial elections to Darius Ishaku of the PDP in 2015 – and the Buhari Presidency compensated her with a ministerial portfolio. Recently, mama was screened out in the APC gubernatorial primary in her state – thus her anger, defection and subsequent removal of all tangible assets she bought for the APC in the state Secretariat.

As the official mama of Taraba State, Mrs. Aisha Alhassan should have stopped her boys from removing these items. Why? Because she is a direct beneficiary of APC’s victory. As a Minister in Nigeria, we know the monetary benefits and other privileges that accrues to her. And again, the APC gave her the exalted opportunity to serve Nigeria and Nigerians – a job experience she’ll speedily add to her curriculum vitae.

Truth is, Mama Taraba no behave well at all but hey, she is a woman and a Nigerian. However, and henceforth, her ‘mamaship’ status in Taraba State stands questionable – because mothers rarely take back gifts they’d gifted their children because they are angry with them.

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