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There is a young man, one of my ‘friends’ here on Facebook, who I hear (and this is obvious) is a hired cyber and social media political thug for a state governor. This chap, along with others like him, are paid monthly by aides of the governor, to, using the social media, sing the praises of the governor, deservedly so or not, and to openly denigrate and ‘annihilate’ the governor’s real and imagined ‘enemies’, critics and members of the opposition.

In daily carrying out the function of this ‘office’, this young man insults just about everyone and anyone who is affiliated with the main opposition party, the PDP. The sad and unfortunate thing is, dude is so crude at it because he insults with reckless abandon – obviously forgetting that the internet never forgets. Unknown to him and others like him, there are better ways to sing the praises of one’s principal without insulting and demeaning people, particularly not leaders, senior citizens and folks old enough to be your father or mother.

Some months ago, obviously without consulting his brigade of political cyber thugs, this northcentral state governor decamped from the APC to the PDP. And true to type, this young man, and like a canary bird, now sings the praises of the PDP and people he once insulted – explaining how his governor made the right decision of ditching the ‘killer party’, the APC. For this chap, the APC and everyone and anyone affiliated or sympathetic to the party is now the enemy. Sad thing is, unlike the governor’s children, this guy is open to physical attacks by aggrieved individuals and groups.

Now, this isn’t the type of young people; a sycophantic, unprincipled, cheap and stupidly vindictive lot (because they are paid peanuts out of the billions stolen by their principals) this nation needs to move to the next level. See, it is hypocritical and foolish to criticize the older generation for their actions and inactions that brought our country to it’s present sad state and then join them, as cyber hirelings, to spread hatred and bile.

I know hunger is a bastard and some young people, because of the sorry situation in our country, do not have other survival options, but please do your cyber ‘job’ with some decorum because when the chips are down, these same top politicians you insult, fight and make enemies with people over, would abandon you – after all you’re not their child. Search me but have you seen the son or daughter of top politicians engaging in physical or cyber thuggery for their parents? Be wise people, be wise.

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