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My motherland,  you I hail.
Diverse tongues and tribes
Multicoloured faiths sail.
Like two-edged sharp knives,
Our faith in you cut even deeper
Everyday. Where strange vicissitudes
Tend to divide us, but stronger
We remain united with positive attitudes.
What pain can’t vitiate,
Our strength can so uphold.
In you we do initiate
Our loyalty, our stronghold.

Nigeria,yes, there was once you,
There is you as you stand.
A brighter tomorrow awaits you.
We truly do understand
That your scars will heal,
Your loftiness will also be restored.
From your loins we’ll seal
And see mightier leaders than Thor.
Your nobility is above question.
You have passed through thick and thin,
Stoic, strong are your bastion.
In God of creation your faith does lean.

Our tears and sweat aren’t in vain.
With our hearts to you we serve.
Beauty we amass from your brain.
The ovation stands, you deserve.
Nigeria, the milk of your kindness
All the world has tasted.
Your people of suffering happiness
Never from you departed.
Joyfully,  we give you adoration .
Our one and own motherland.
No matter the direst situation,
We’ll weather through troubleland!

Nigeria,  I wish you happy Independence Day!
May you stay exceedingly blessed, I pray!
®©William Warigon 2018.

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