Libya: Hafar army liquidates dozens of Benghazi citizens, dumps corpses in rubbish dumps, digs graves and horrifies detainees

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وكالة الأنباء الإسلامية – حق

The second deputy chairman of the so-called Supreme Council of the State of Libya, Mohamed Amazab, accused the internal security apparatus of Benghazi of Haftar under the leadership of Osama al-Derasi and Suleiman al-Wahidi of torturing and killing people whose bodies were found in Al-Halis area west of the city.

He said in a statement issued by his office that “after these operations clearly shows behind the acts of abuse and assassinations that took place in Benghazi before the launch of the” process of dignity “, and also confirms the words of Mohamed Hijazi and Farag Aqaim the involvement of the so-called (General Command of the army) Torture, murder, burning, and bodies. ”

The statement added that Benghazi is pushing the “folly” of this category, which he described as the “unjust oppressor”, and that it is responsible for its elites who supported them and pays the price of those who…

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