Nigeria’s President Buhari Is Alive And Well.And Homesick Too! By W.Warigon

These pictures will surely send naysayers scurrying to ther hiding place with their wet tails in-between their legs (read the Fayose, Fani-Kayode and their ilk). It is un-African to wish even your enemy dead. We may disagree to agree because we operate a democracy which gives us unfettered right to free speech and the right to express our opinions. However, it smacks of bad taste to wish the like of Buhari death simply because he is on a mission to clean the system’s dirty stables left smelling and murky by the kleptomaniac government of the PDP. I am nary a politician, but I stand on the sideline of the truth. The beloved president had just received some high powered personnel from Nigeria and expressed his desire and readiness to return home and resume the execution of his presidential duties. He however said he awaits his doctors to  give him a clean bill of health before leaving London for Abuja. (His health is his wealth na). Long live Nigeria.Long live Africa.




Photos courtesy of Vanguard News.

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