Diary Of The Law-Loving Lawyer: Cows With Tails!Barrister Rose Twerks At The Mist Night Club – By Pikino Ahrey



The cool and windy Friday was perfect for me to let off steam. I went clubbing, Yes, lawyers club too. I went to The Mist with my buddies, Dr Okoro and Arch.Bayo. These two change girlfriends like I change my boxers shorts. Okoro has got me into watching seasonal movies. Everyone seems to be deep into the Game of Thrones. I just started watching it and well into Season 1 Episode 3 but, someone gave me a spoiler which didn’t sit well with me. I love suspense, so once you tell me how a movie ended, I can’t watch that movie. Believe me,to this day, am yet to watch Titanic mainly because I saw the Making-of-Titanic before watching the actual movie. I was told that three of the major  characters of The  Game of Thrones had  ended up dying tragically. I don’t think I’ll continue with TGoT saga…But Homeland, The Good Wife, Getting Away With Murder (lol) and Power are my favourites….Guess you what, Barr. Rose was tipsily twerking at the club in company of some ladies. My jaw fell to the floor. Cows with tails! To think the Ice Queen has a softer side was uninmaginable. She actually gave girlish, gaily,giggly gobs of laughter and methinks she even flirted a bit with me. We danced wo! She is a great dancer too. No pirouetting or sashaying, only moves of seduction that could rival Beyonce’s. She got me to ‘cloud nine’, as my elder brother used to say. She was a bit coy and coquettish when she accepted my offer to buy her and her girls drinks. I can’t wait to tell my learned colleagues on Monday  that Barr.Rose is a learned twerker! On a whole, it was a great night. Barr. Rose left in the wee hours of the morning, not with me, with her girlfriends. My buddies vanished into thin air with two Cameroonian exotic dancers.Well, I can’t divulge much of what I did when left to my own devices because I am a gentleman. But, let us just say: It was wild!And it has compensated more than enough for the horrendous week I had. Hmmm, but the prim and proper Barr. Rose twerking?Diary,what do you know!
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