Kenya: Breaking Uhuru Kenyatta declared winner.W.Warigon



President-elect, Uhuru Kenyatta.

Mr Uhuru Kenyatta has been declared winner as Kenya’s resident-elect. While there is wild jubilation among his supporters, his rival, Mr Raila Odinga is yet to concede defeat and congratulate Mr. Kenyatta. Mr Odinga had earlier stated that he would only accept the election results if he was declared the winner. Furthermore, he had vowed that this would be his last attempt for the presidency. If he changes his mind,it would not come as a surprise as African politicians rarely stick to what they say. Nigeria’s Mohammad Buhari had said in the past that he would not run for office after multiple failed attempts but today he is Nigeria’s sitting president.

Our hope is that Odinga would be magnanimous in defeat and not make inflammentory statements capable of throwing the east African nation into a political tumoil. If he feels aggrieved by the results, he should approach the courts for legal redress.

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