Diary Of The Law-Loving Lawyer:The phrase ‘My Learned Colleague’As Lawyers’ Exclusive Preserve?By Pikino Ahrey


Yesterday, my ex-girlfriend breezed into town from Jos. We dated for a spell and once got into a fierce argument. I  had joked that only lawyers should have the exclusive preserve to call their colleagues ‘learned’. She didn’t find it funny and vowed to read law, became a lawyer and never call another lawyer ‘learned’ . She actually finished her Diploma programme in Mass Communication and has enrolled for a law programme at the university of Jos. She is in her second year now. Well, she stayed over and we had fun.She left today. ..These days the office is extremely busy. Piles of files on the table, clients trooping in, before you could say ‘Michael Jackson’, it is already 6pm already. Most times I reach home an exhausted wreck. Sweet sleep steals my senses before I hit the bed. It goes on like that and by the time you realized it, it is Friday again. Vicious circle. Barr. Rose has travelled to her hometown for her sister’s traditional marriage.  Barr.Ijeoma follows our Oga  around like a puppy trying to impress the owner. The rest of the senior lawyers are busy competing with each other to make the End-of -Year bonus list. Our Admin Secretary is visibly preggo.Good for her.  I intend to go clubbing tonight to unwind. I have to blow some steam and blow off Pastor Liberty on his invitation for a breakthrough night vigil. So, here iss to a wild wweekend. Lawyers deserve fun after some dreary week.


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