POETIC JUSTICE 18 By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey



The intellectual pontiff
Hot heeled, hot headed
Classic savant deviant
Garlanded with rainbowed laurels
Wrested from shores beyond the sea
Vested with capacious cassock sequined with defiance
His tongue glories in wordy vituperations
Provoking thoughts of mere mortals and demi-gods
Labeled the Icon-of-Lexicon
Or, the Vexatious-Vermin
His penned nuances needling
Jolting mid-dream sleeping dogs
In awe, faithful fans fan his ego
Keeping the flames of his streaks alight
Fanatics throwing hot stones of scorn
Groping in the dark in supercilious righteousness
To tarnish the burnished gold
Embedded in name long laboured to institute
He stands tall, very tall amidst the shadows
Thrown like a member of a priestly band
His voice thrives in the weight of messages of hope
He remains a loner from the old order of original
City of gallantry, veracity and tenacity
An accoladed academic maestro
With the wisdom of the ancient truth-seekers
A prophet whose honour at home
Pales against the revered swan-songs from abroad.

(c)Warigon Archives 2017

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