Iranian politicians censured after dashing to take selfies with top female EU diplomat

Lizzie Porter
The TelegraphAugust 6, 2017
Iranian Deputies try to take selfie with Federica Mogherini  - Anadolu

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Iranian Deputies try to take selfie with Federica Mogherini  – Anadolu

Iranian politicians have been criticised for unprofessional behaviour “unworthy of MPs” after they rushed to take selfies with a senior female EU diplomat.

Pictures circulated online showed male politicians – some in suits and others in the robes worn by Shi’ite Islamic clerics – crowding around Federica Mogherini, who was attending Hassan Rouhani’s second term inauguration as President.

In a green and white checked headscarf, Ms Mogherini, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, looked taken aback at the crowd forming around her in the Iranian Parliament building in Tehran.

The men’s actions drew criticism from fellow MPs and Iranians online, who saw their behaviour as an inappropriate sop to the west.

The semi-official Fars News Agency described the men’s rush for photos with Ms Mogherini, as “strange”, accompanying images with the hashtag “selfie of shame”.

“Major reactions to weird behaviour unworthy of MPs, members of Omid faction, upon meeting Mogherini”, the agency said, referring to a reformist group of Iranian MPs.


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