POETIC JUSTICE 16 By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey

POETIC JUSTICE 16 By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey




Where do we go from here
Our trumpets may not sound yet
But our voices have worn
The clothes of burnished gold
Our boldness is like a rock
Gone were the days
When we stood docilely
While we were wasted
Like flies at a welcome party
Our resolutions, not mere ablutions
They are the strength
Of our lofty dreams
Together we shall hold hands
And barricade evils of slavery
For it is our dream
That the future be laced
With the sweetness of peace and love
A future
That heralds a new dawn
A dawn adorned with a new song
That will keep our lips busy
Until the quietness
Of progress envelopes us all
And we stand to fall
No more
(c)Warigon Archies 2017


About williwash

A writer, a human rights activist, an adventurer and a poet.
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