: Just when you thought that Usher’s CONFESSIONS were behind him, a new BOMBSHELL is about to drop. According to the streets, a “male model” plans on filing a HERPES LAWSUIT against Usher.The man is claiming to have received the INCURABLE virus after what is being described as “sexual contact” with Usher. This could be just a MONEY GRAB lawsuit . . . we’ll have to wait and see whether what dude is saying is TRUE.



2 women and a man are going to file a lawsuit claiming Usher exposed them to the STD.

Celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom says she’ll file the suit Monday in California and hold a news conference in NYC to correspond with the filing. One of the women will appear at the news conference. The 2 others will remain anonymous and will appear in the lawsuits only as Jane Doe and John Doe.

Bloom says all 3 individuals claim to have had sexual contact with Usher after 2012, and he failed to warn them he allegedly had an STD.


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