Texas Family Reunited With Dog After Losing Him 3 Years Ago

100.3 Jack FM - Dallas, TX

Talk about a real life homeward bound story.

The LaBounty family of Katy Texas, was reunited with their long lost friend Beau this week. The Family tells KHOU that during a thunder storm in 2014, Beau wandered off after the storm blew their back gate open. “It was devastating,” Leslie LaBounty said. “I instantly had a feeling we were never going to get him back.” The family said they went on every website, social media page, and went to as many kennels and shelters as they could. After a year of searching and a year of grieving, the LaBountys said they had to move on. Turns out Beau had wandered some 12 miles from home to a construction site. Construction workers fed him regularly, but once the project was complete rescue and volunteer workers stepped in. They caught Beau and scanned him for a microchip, which brought him back to the LaBountys. Late Monday night, the phone…

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