Diary Of The Law-Loving Lawyer: My Boss’ Father Is Dead- By Pikino Ahrey


TRUE TO YESTRDAY’S weather forecast, there was torrential rain this morning which caused a major traffic gridlock. I love commuting to work in public buses because there is never a boring moment. A hawker sells a ‘wonder drug'(i.e a single drug that is an antidote to the malaise of diabetes,cancer,toothache,backache,ringworm and also functions as an aphrodisiac). Also, responding to a call-in political programme on the radio, every passenger becomes a political pundit…I reached the office and met a very sombre Mrs. Iyabode.Our Boss’ father had a heart attack and died last night. Being a Muslim, he had to be buried today.All partners and non-partners had gone to Kano to commiserate with Oga. Barr.Ijeoma and I were the only ones left to keep the office running.I dutifully called Oga and offered my heartfelt condolences. I assumed the role of the boss – trying to impress Barr.Ijeoma. During lunch hour, I asked her out. I thought we could go clubbing tonight being Friday. She politely declined and said that she’s a Born-Again Christian. I didn’t see anything wrong brothering and sistering in a club. She said she doesn’t have a boyfriend and that she’s saving herself for Mr.Right!In this day and age? I couldn’t believe y picky ears, so I engaged her into a heated argument about how archaic it is to ‘wait for Mr. or Miss Right these days’. She then said she could only have premarital sex where and when God is not looking!That actually got me into a place I’d rather not be. So, after a brief moment of sober reflection, I decided to review some files and stumbled on a matter involving inheritance devolution. An year old Alhaji died and was survived by seventeen wives and fifty six children, a about a hundred grankids.!What a man! Ps: Barr.Ijeoma,this is Friday.I intend to unwind and have a blast. I hope my boss’ father’s spirit wouldn’t mind.God is looking and i am sure He will understand.I’d had a long week.
(c)All Rights Reserved

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