Diary Of The Law-Loving Lawyer-I Met A Blind Lawyer In Court! By Pikino Ahrey



I went to Kubwa High Court to register a Deed of Assignment and An Irrevocable Power of Attorney. Having stamped the two deeds, I had time in my hands to spare. So, the curious-cat-me decided to watch the vacation court’s proceedings. I was astounded by how a blind lawyer conducted his case so beautifully. The type that you would want to give a standing ovation without incurring the judge’s wrath and be guilty of contempt of court. When he was through, his matter was adjourned. With unparalleled ease and panache, he gracefully bowed out, led by his ivory cane. Later on, I was told he is married to a blind lawyer too. Well, I was flabbergasted. Many thoughts crossed my mind as to how the couple could cope with their three young kids should their housemaid fall ill or quit their employ. Are there many law reports and law books in Braille? God certainly works in mysterious ways. Where there is a will, there is a way – so I was told… Back to the office, the other lawyers were not yet back from their respective assignments. We have a new youth corper, Barr. Ijeoma. Our Admin.Secretary, Mrs Iyabode, introduced her to me. Boy, she is an apparition. Freshly beautiful and the smile adorning her round face was to die for. I was immediately mesmerized. Quick as a cat, I took her to lunch at nearby Iya Oyo eatery for a spot of a Amala and Ewedu soup.Who am I kidding, I am yet to receive my first salary. I can only afford a cheap lunch. She was reluctant at first until I tuned in my charm channel on. I guess she wanted to be in my good graces…She appeared shy but something tells me that beneath that veneer lurks a wild one. I tried to impress her by using lots of Latin maxims like Res ipsa Loquitor, Caveat Emptor, Fons et Erigo and Ignorantia Juris non Excusat. While I talked away, she listened, nodded politely and hardly uttered a word. Realizing I was being animatedly garrulous, I decided to prod her into telling me about herself.Then the bombshell: She graduated with a first class honours (cum laude) (ahh, she is brains)Then, her father owns THE HarrisCo Motors! What the frog! I shriveled a bit but come on, I had to show her that I was not the least interested in her background. Then I switched on the funny me. Made her laugh till she was blue in the face(she is very fair complexioned, so you could see the bluey face,lol.) afterwards, we returned to the office. Barrister Rose gave us a cold once-over look and wordlessly, she buzzed into our Oga’s office. What an interesting turn of events, I say Diary.
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