Pyongyang ‘sentences’ four South Korean journalists to death — “They wrote bad book reviews” — Insulted Kim Jong-un — Peace and Freedom

AFP © AFP | ‘North Korea Confidential’ – retitled ‘Capitalist Republic of Korea’ for its Korean edition – details the growing role of the market in daily lives in the North, where South Korean television dramas are circulated on the black market SEOUL (AFP) – Pyongyang has sentenced four South Korean journalists to death for book reviews […]

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Charity:The Joy In Giving-W.Warigon


 As the snow flies
On a cold and gray Chicago mornin’
A poor little baby child is born
In the ghetto

©Elvis Presley)

I have a sister, aptly named Charity. A more generous person I am yet to encounter. She is very generous with her time, purse, patience and prayers. She is indeed a delightful and cheerful giver. Someone recently accused her of giving others too much and giving her own self too little. God bless a cheerful giver because He loves a cheerful giver (2 Cor 9:7).

The act of giving is the only thing that keeps humanity on its feet. The outpouring of love from strangers in time of disaster shows that humanity is still its touch with its human nature. The Harvey natural disaster that has ravaged a part of the United State has celebrities, politicians and other donors donating to the unfortunate victims that their lives could be rebuilt.

The Bill and Melinda Gates of this world have been forerunners in their quest to make life better especially for poor African countries by making donations running into billions of dollars. It is rater so sad to note that African leaders are only bent in corruptly enriching themselves and they do not bother to better the lots of their people. It is however gladdening to note that the United Kingdom (whilst urging the federal government to do more for the region) has pledged to continue to give financial aid to the ravaged north-eastern part of Nigeria that has been ravaged by the scourge of the dreaded  Boko Haram insurgency. Albeit the UK has cut the aid from 100miliion pounds to 50 Million, its humanitarian efforts are still laudable. Nigeria’s celebrities, her rich men and women, including the clergy and the government must take the gauntlet and give more to the millions displaced people of that region.

Celebrities and flamboyant pastors who own mega-churches must step up. It is not enough to preach GIVE, GIVE AND GIVE without them giving back to the society. It is disheartening that while a lot of these displaced people are wallowing in abject squalor, our celebs and the men of God bask in opulence and cannot be bothered by what is going on. Some of these people have lost relatives and so are orphans, widow and widowers.

In any little way you can contribute to put a smile on somebody’s face. Please do not hesitate. You are sowing in God’s bank. I find it very touching when strangers step up to give a lifeline to causes they only read about off or on-line. However, I must advise here that we should be careful where we sow our seeds. Do not give to the wrong hand. It would not do well for us to neglect giving to a hungry child only to donate to people who claim to fight worthy causes but live far above their means. They strut in designer suits, fly the best private jets and are not in touch with those who actually need help.

Giving does not need to be in monetary terms. Visit loved ones. Call someone – tell them you care. Sing a song to someone. Give flowers.Send a goodwill message via text or email.Tell someone you love them.Pray for someone.These are all beautiful acts of giving.

Keep on giving those in need. God will continue to give you more in accordance with His riches in glory.














Woman Finds Tiny Frog In Salad, Adopts It As Pet

“I am just happy he survived and I didn’t eat him,” the woman said.

Call it a ribbeting tale of friendship.

A woman in Southern California was about to eat an organic salad last Wednesday when she found a piece of protein she didn’t expect: A tiny frog.

“I’m halfway through my salad and as I’m going to stab another bit, I see [the frog] peeking out from under the salad,” Garfinkel told “I jumped back. I screamed, ‘There’s a frog in my salad!’”

The 37-year-old Garfinkel is a strict vegetarian with meat allergies. Not knowing if she had chomped on other amphibians by accident, she said ran to the bathroom where she threw up the other parts of the salad.

Meanwhile, her husband shouted from the dining room, “It’s still alive!” The Los Angeles Times reported.

After he rinsed the lemon-tahini vinaigrette off the tiny frog, her hubby started rubbing the frog’s belly and managed to rouse it from its stiff state.


After the amazing resurrection, the Garfinkels felt weird about dumping the frog somewhere.

Instead, they put the amphibian in an old aquarium in their home in Corona and named it “Lucky” ― a good name, considering the way the frog narrowly cheated death.

The incident changed Becky Garfinkel’s life in one way.

“I will tell you right now, I have no desire to ever eat a salad again. I’m petrified of the thought of a salad,”she told KABC TV.

Garfinkel reached out to Target, where she purchased the salad, and the company offered her a $5 gift card, she said.

The company also told her that Taylor Farms, the vendor that made the salad, is launching an investigation into the unappetizing incident, according to the Times


POETIC JUSTICE 32- By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey



My eternal rose

A dazzling toast

Why would you shrivel

Before  my eyes? A trifle

Never, a gigantic influence

Whose loving confluence

Had made my life beautiful

My heart is but sorrowful

Looking at your state

Lying quietly in bed

Once vivacious and gorgeous

Now a shadow of  a willow

Still, you are my own precious

Whose heart is my pillow

(c)Warigon 2017

‘AGT’ Contestant & Plane Crash Survivor Kechi Shares Message Of Hope For Houston — Hollywood Life

After delivering a powerful performance on ‘AGT,’ plane crash survivor and Houston native, Kechi, talked to EXCLUSIVELY and shared a message of hope for her hometown, following Hurricane Harvey.

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