Diary of The Law-loving Lawyer By Pikino Ahrey



Yes, I am a lawyer. Yes, I am young, funloving and yes, I reside in Abuja, Nigeria. I just got called to the Nigerian Bar. So, now they call me Barrister Pikino. I have been to London once, with my dad. He is dead now and I can’t afford to go to London anymore. However the gist here is;while  in London, I noticed they don’t call Lawyers ‘Barrister’ Sam Summers or ‘Solicitor’ Anna Boyle. In my dear Nigeria though, title is trending badly. For instance, you have Engineer Ben, Surveyor Ken, Lady Deaconess Dame (Mrs) Bukky, Accountant Frank, Builder Seyi, Banker Chinedu, Pharmacist Abu, Architech Sani etc. However, you hardly hear any one called Labourer Sean, Mason Dayo, House-girl Ekaette,Gate man Garba or Undertaker Richard. So, it crossed my mind to start working on a bill to address this issue of titles of low and high cadre jobs.. .Dear Diary, we are going to embark on a journey. It will be fun. Welcome to my world…
P.A.(Guest Contributor)

Your comments/contributions are highly welcome.

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