POETIC JUSTICE 8- By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey

yellow 1


Hello my dear Yellow!
Why look so mellow?
You need a Jelly-O
From a good fellow?
Sip instead this Milo
From my pillow
And don’t wallow
Like a sad willow
Yellow, O Yellow
Look at the mirror
Say a golden Hello
While I play the cello
Forget your Bello
He is now a sailor
Sailing Lady Eleanor
Stand from below
Don’t be so low
It’s not love’s law
Easy steps are slow
Regain your glow
Make me blow
Trumpets of Yellow
Suns and valour
Yellow can’t be solo
Together we follow
Where hearts flow
(c)Warigon Archives 2017

                                                            yellow 2


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