POETIC JUSTICE 5: JOHN SAW BABA – Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


A certain man, John
Left baptizing his flock
Took his bag and horn
He head to Ota Rock
He met Baba Wise eating his yam
He prostrated to Baba Wise
Baba loves his pounded yam
With old palm oil or new palm wine
He threw Baba an invite to his party
Baba gulped his wine and shook his head
“I wrote to you, you wrath at me.
Your party’ll vent, to get me blue and dead
But sit with me, have some yams.”
John tried and tried, till he be tired
Baba still smiled, finished his yams
“My boy, my boy we are retired
Go to your wife and live in Peace
Teach her words lest she bombs again.”
He left Baba Wise chewing his diss
By and by it seemed he schemed in vain

(c)Warigon Archives2017


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