3DiscussAnts 2: Lawyers!



Tambe: Vituperations, shenannigans and chicanery all roiled up are the vehicle of the lawyer’s trade. We must resist…
Abe:(Interrupting)…we must resist your verbosity and bombastic epigram.
Wisdom: But he has a point, Mazi Ant Abe. Have you not heard of a lawyer who died and went to heaven?
Abe: So? What’s so special about that?
Wisdom: The lawyer was received at heaven’s gate with fanfare and trumpet sounds.St. Peter was so elated that he granted the lawyer a beautiful mansion. An old missionary who had devoted his life to working at a lepers’ colony also died and appeared before heaven’s gate. He received a lukewarm welcome and was given a one-bedroom flat as a reward for is works on earth. Some of the angels felt that St. Peter was not being fair. They posited that lawyers were leeches and missionaries were God-fearing and dedicated to the good of humanity. St. Peter then replied to the complaining angels: “We welcome missionaries here everyday, my brethren. But how many lawyers do we see here?Hardly. Perhaps one in every decade.So, let’s rejoice and make merry. An endangered species is found and must be protected.”
Abe:(Guffaws) This is epic.
Tambe: This story is an innuendo. It is not a compliment to the erudite lawyers who are indefatigable and work assiduously to ensure that all the dictates of the law are sacrosanct and ahered to with all visages of….
Abe:(Exasperated)Give over, Ant T. Lawyers constitute the bulk of our problems. Look at all these rich and criminal politicians lurking around and flaunting and squandering their stolen loot because the lawyers represented them and got them off the hook based on one legal technicality or the other.
Wisdom:(Triumphantly) But the law says the accused person is innocent until proven guilty beyond every shadow of doubt by a competent court of law!
Abe:(Hisses) And so? These lawyers know that these politicians got this money by looting the public treasury. They should refrain from accepting the brief of such clients.
Tambe:(With supercilious air) The lawyers are not at fault. They do not make the law, they only interprete it.
Abe: The world would be a better place without lawyers.
Wisdom:(Scoffs)Tell that to Hulk Hogan and Blac China.




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