Hollow Home

Soulful Thoughts

​Knock on the door once, twice, thrice

Listen to the echoes inside bouncing back the silence

Of a thousand words left lingering behind in the hollowness.

With a heavy heart you will turn and leave
Behind all the broken memories.

Defeated by the denial of entry through this door

Into a void that once held your hopes on its wall and floor,

You walked out on the bricks and stones

That you once believed to be a home.

The candles that once flickered with life and light

Are now veiled by a shade of darkness that blinds your sight

That keeps leading you further away

To leave you astray

From this house that is now shaded in gray

With only a hint of what you have left behind-

Footsteps that reflect the turbulence in your mind

By their stubborness of never fading into the past

For they hold within…

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One thought on “Hollow Home

  1. ivors20 July 7, 2017 / 1:18 pm

    Oh dear, I think we can all relate to this poem at some stage in our lives, nicely said.

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