One does not blame a cross-section of Nigerians who pilloried against the Senate President,Dr. Bukola Abiku Saraki. The legislators have successfully turned the hallowed chambers that symbolizes the potency of our democracy into a circus effectively occupied by clowns. With the rants and antics of Senator Dino Melaye and his ilk, the various corruption indictments hovering on the heads of the senators and members of the House of Representatives, the people are simply disgusted by those who were supposed to be their representatives. Instead, they represent their own self agrandized interests, threby earning the moniker ‘Legislathieves’. Instead of laundering their soiled image, they jump from one controversy to the other. They are demanding that the Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Mr.Babashola Fashola (SAN) should appear before them simply because he stated the obvious as per the unconstitutionality of their actions in respect of Budget padding et al.The 2017 Budget was tampered with by the legislators who insisted that it was within the ambit of their constiutiona rights to do so!Talk about turning logic on its head.

Furthermore, one would think that the legislarors would be working assiduously to ensure the retained indivisibility of the nation especially during these perilous time. Instead, they are now blackmailing the acting President, Prof.Yemi Osinbajo to remove the indefatigable Chairman of the EFCC,Mr.Ibrahim Magu, or else they would not confirm any appointee of the presidency in the future. This smacks of juvenile act of blackmail usually meted by teenage sore losers. Many interprete this action as a reprisal action because of the Federal Government’s insistence on appealing the judgment of the Code of Conduct Tribunal that acquitted the senate president from various charges bordering on false declaration of assets among others. Somehow the legislators who drum Rule of Law a their mantra are without a doubt believe that the other arms of government should kow-tow to all their whims and caprices.

The acting president should use this oppurtunity to show them that he is not one to bow to irrational pressure. The executive arm of the government has the right to investigate Magu and until he is found guilty by a competent court of law, nobody should railroad Osinbajo into sacking the dogged corruption fighter. So far, no court of law has found Magu guilty of an offence, yet they want him out.Why did they not remove the senate president when he was indicted then? What is good forthe goose is equally good forthe gander.The tide is changing rapidly as aras our democratic experience is concerned. The wind of change is blowng in Kogi state regarding the recall of Dino Melaye. This, if successfuly executed without fear or favour, would serve as a lesson and realization that it is the people whose voice is the voice of God.

One thought on “BLACKMAILING THE ACTING PRESIDENT- William Warigon

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