THE FiRsT TiMe I GoT My FiRsT “LIKE” By William Warigon

So, my cousin Dimas, who is a prolific writer and an astute researcher, living in the US felt that I must bring to the blogsphere my modest but multiweird sense of humour to this world…named WordPress. I am my grandmother’s nephew’s elder cousin’s niece’s uncle’s step-father’s mother’s fouth child, so I took up the gauntlet…Albeit, my friend (actually my retired ex future BFF) Dr Obi, may beg to differ, but I digress….and I decided to be a blogger.Blogger…hmmm.A Blogger then to me, sounded like someone who wanted to do something nasty but at the same time wanted to be a nice nerd….or so I thought…So, I started by reading blogger’s blogs and before two hours, I was hooked. God! The inspirational, the encouraging, the bold, the beautiful, the uplifting,the humorous,the absurd,…(I could go on and on till I am fit to keel over).On the whole, I am blessed to follow the blogs I follow.


P.S:EACH time I see a LIKE on my post, or on a reblogged post, I fly on my imaginary plane and land in El Dorado. Folks, keep liking my posts. Like others’ too. Let’s encourage one and each other.Your positive or negative comment(s) is/are important.You were here where I am. So, God less.

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