Isi-Ewu: A Spicy Delicacy Affair – W.Warigon

My favourite dish
Set in a wooden dish
Goat head cooked today
Decked with afrocentric spices
It is a sweet spicy taste of heaven
A convolution of oil of palm, onions
Ugba and Utazi.Settled in my growling
Belly, accompanied by a drink chilled and
Heavenly. For a moment, I am in paradise now.



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Monday Morsel – W.Warigon



It is Monday
Mourn no more this morn
Shoelace up, be on your way
Cook this week till it’s done
You are about to taste
A slice of success



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When We Love, We Do It Unconditionally #MondayBlogs #Poetry 

K. Phoenix

Two magnetized souls as One.

Two hearts radiating love for our own self and for each other.

Our energies vibrating at the highest frequency, and into the 5th Dimension.

We love unconditionally.

Each other thoughts we can hear,

Tapping into the deep recesses of the minds of the other.

Our spirits leave our bodies,

To search for one another

Zapping, zipping, ascending into the cosmos.

Oh, how I love thee!

Our love is so passionate, beautiful, free, kind, and honest.

Never to be taken for granted.

We pulled apart, not because we don’t love anymore, but to become stronger and powerful until we are together.

A love that is truly, madly, and deeply.

A bond no one can break, this soul connection we have.

Let’s keep our hearts surrendered.

Our minds, honest.

Our will, courageous.

And, our spirits, unified.

I love you, and you love me, and that’s the way…

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Diary Of A Law-Loving Lawyer – Objection My Judge! By Pikono Ahrey.



I love Mondays. They make me spry.Due to the perennial traffic gridlock between my home and the office on weekdays, I always leave home by 5a.m.I hitch rides with my benevolent neighbours.(I will start saving to buy a car, by God’s grace).Normally, I reach the office by 6a.m. and have three hours bafore my colleagues’ arrival. We always have short meetings every mornings , whereupon, briefs would be assigned to each Counsel.Courts are on vacation, but questions gnawed in me:So everything stops until courts resume?What about those languishing in police cells and in prisons, awaiting trial? If justice is delayed, isn’t that justice denied?When I voiced my concern, I was told there is always a Vacation Judge sitting and dispensing justice.Today, I had to appear before one in Kubwa. So I went to the High court with Barr.Rose for mentoring. Barr. Rose is two years older than me at the Bar but she feels she owns me. Well, I put up with her supercillious airs now, but one day, I intend to put her in her place. On a side note, I find her attractive. She is curvy. She is dark.She is very confident.My type of woman. But I am yet to muster the gumption to ask her for lunch at Mr.Biggs…But a man must flex, na.Anyways, something happened in court today. Before our matter was called, a young female  lawyer who was obviously a ‘New Wig’ too (like moi) was in court to hear a ruling on a bail application her boss had made previously. Apparently she was on her own because there wasn’t much to be done in such scenerios but to just listen to the judge and say:”As the court pleases” after the ruling is read.(That much I know due to previous discussions in chambers). Well, in the course of the judge delivering his ruling, he laid very stringent conditions attached to granting the bail. He demanded three sureties who must have at least ten million Naira each in their bank accounts and must be property owners within the Abuja metropolis. Clearly, the ruling didn’t favour her client. Before he finished reading the ruling, she got up, frustration well-written on her face and yelled: “Objection My Judge!” The courtroom burst into an uproar with frenzied reactions by lawyers, litigants and other spectators. I barely managed to keep a straight face myself, (remember my own faux pas on Friday?). The judge hit his gavel and took five minutes to give my poor Learned Colleague an earful. I couldn’t tell if she was red in the face because she is also black. However, she composed herself with a sort of stoic dignity that belied her age. She apologized profusely, took a bow and left with her chin in the air… I almost applauded but Barr.Rose’s hard look froze the smile on my face.I can see it is going to be a long week, Diary. But a lawyer’s work is never done.
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U.S. Sanctions on Moscow Push Closer to Dumping the Dollar ~ Hundreds of U.S. Diplomatic Staff to be Expelled from Russia

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PUTIN STRIKES BACK: Hundreds of U.S. Diplomatic Staff to be Expelled From Russia

Moscow has told the US to reduce the number of its diplomatic staff in Russia from 1100 to 455 people, and is also halting the use of embassy storage facilities in the capital, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

MOSCOW STRIKES BACK: U.S. Sanctions Push Russia Closer to Dumping the Dollar

Thanks to U.S. Arrogance the World is in Tatters, Not Russian economy- Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Jabs Obama.
ABC Interview with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Rybakov.

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