A typical nomadic Fulani man is generally viewed by most Nigerians as, well,nomadic.He does not give a hoot about western education, technology or politics.Show him where a good grazing land is big enough for his cattle and he would be ever ready to walk hundreds of kilometres to find that pasture. Whenever he finds himself in the city, he sticks out like a sore thumb because of his mode of dressing, mannerisms and the out-of-this-world questions he asks…This particular Fulani man boarded a bus within the Abuja metropolis and while munching noisily on his roasted corn, suddenly, he froze as if he saw an apparition. Following his gaze, I saw a young Indian woman seated opposite him. His mouth dropped, his eyes became saucerlike, and he was literally salivating. I was fascinated but the cynosure of his eyes was unnerved. She should be, because he was actually undressing her with his eyes.When he finally caught his breath and had a small measure of composure, he sighed heavily. Being the inquisitive cat that I am, I enquired what took his fancy. He sighed again, then nodded his head and answered in his own version of the Hausa language:”Hoddi jam! Yanju na ga inda Allah ya gina mutum da hanunsha. Mu kam shei ya je ya bada kwangilar mu!” (Meaning:”Finally, I behold God’s creation that He used His own hands to create.As for us (the Fulanis) He contracted someone else to create us”).Apparently, he had never seen such flawless skin, alluring diamond eyes, tender bamboo shaped figure, long silky hair, pencil-nose…a totally captivating personage.As for me, I am still reeling with laughter.Truth be told, there is never a dull moment where the nomadic Fulani man is concerned. Next time, I will share with you his experience at the train station!

An Indian Beauty”]image[/caption]

A Nomadic Fulani Man”]image[/caption]




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