Once upon a time, the prestigious Northern Nigeria’s Universiy of Maiduguri (its moniker, ‘Unimaid’)was the toast of the nation because of her unique tranquilness. The asthetic setting from the gate to the other parts of the tertiary instution welcomed one and promised a great time as a student. While other universities embarked on various student activism that resulted in violent riots and resultant closure of those universities, or when the Unversities’ Teachers’ Union, Unimaid always refused to join the fray. This endeared the ‘Big Men’ to send their wards to Unimaid. Secret Cult activities were alien to that school.That was in the glorious  eighties and nineties. Today, that school that held sway like a virgin with many suitors is raped by attacks from the dreaded terror group, Boko Haram’s suicide bombers.Last Sunday, about sixteen people were reportedly killed as a result of an attack by Boko Haram. That istheofficial number.Only God knows the actual number of the victims.Imagine yourself as a student of that school.How could you read under the tremors of stress and fear of imminent attack?How could you even sleep with both eyes closed? While having a religious fellowship or partying on campus, your mind would not be on the activity.Instead, yours eyes would be scanning your immediate environment – searching for any suspicious movement.After all, the suicide bombers do not advertise before carrying on their heinous mission. Being a muslim-dominated city, the mode of dressing in that school reflects the Northern Nigerian and Islamic culture.That means the female students are usually gabed in wrappers,hijab,long gowns,etc.When in danger, the next impulse is to run.When dressed so heavily, that impedes your speed in search for safety.Moreover, there are young boys and girls hawking one thing or the other within the walls of the university.These kids are always affected any time the feared BH strikes. To this end, I implore the government to improve on the present security measures taken by the university and ensure that this school I call Unique Maid does not become a pariah maid. If these attacks continue, parents will have no choice but withdraw their wards from the school, which ultimately would be victory for BH. By the way, Hoko Haram simply means: Western Education Is A Taboo.



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