the poet: a community interaction


     Musicians get their own post later, but I speak for most composers in chiefly asking that the listener don headphones to appreciate the fullness of the composer’s ambition…desktop speakers just aren’t going to give you the experience we wanted you to have, I’m sorry.

     Still, I speak for poets first. That is what I am before all else: a poet; even in my music do I reach for that kind of provocative meaningfulness, but such is the highest wish of my words. Before anything or anyone else would brazenly, self-righteously step forward to openly hot-poker-brand my forehead, or stitch a letter onto the chest of my Sunday-stroll shirt, I am a poet simply because I desire to be, singularly, above and because of my history, my heartbreak, and my lackluster humanity. That is why I choose words and wisdom and wild redemption. It is the reason I…

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2 thoughts on “the poet: a community interaction

  1. Thank you for the reblog, my friend…I’m humbled that you’d find them a stitch worthy enough to dress your own pages. The kindness in it is not at all lost on me…enjoy your Sunday!


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