MY BROOD – By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


When I lay shriveled and dying

I was alone

Counting the remaining hours, sighing

Blanket of weakness all I had

Pain excruciating, my companion

I craved for a human touch

Despite the brood I once had dominion

Scattered and doing so much

Time was too dear to spare

For the needy old man boarding Heaven’s Express

Finally, I could not bear

The pains,on the lips I kissed death’s Empress

My spirit hovered to see

The fading days of my funeral

Boxed in icy morgue gladly

As my brood was brooding the cost of my burial

Oh, how they cried belatedly

Their tears were captured by satellites

A golden coffin befitting royalty

Lay in open glare and lights

All pointing to pure banality

The world gape at the sheer opulence

Displayed at my final rites

Such irrevocable inconvenience

Hath my death deprived fancy nights

Before the end of the Paternoster

My brood’s minds were over the seas

Before dawn’s crow of the rooster

They had gone, leaving me in peace



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