KALTUNGO ROCK By William Warigon



It sat for all sojourners to behold

Surrounded by such majestic power

Oh, in awe aced with the aura of aurora

Magnetic master of all it surveys

The geriatric baobab

Neighboured by the grandeur of acacias

All pay obeisance in unison

To this magnificent rock, throned

Unmoving, stoic garbed in royal blackness

Silver grey clouds set atop its head

Like cocktails of cherubic halos

Left over from a divine coronation

The cosmic plain splayed in

An endless milieu

An awesome view

Enriched with grassy lushness

Embossed beneath the rock’s belly

Cool breeze blows like a Zion’s trumpet

Enraptured by this sight I behold

I forget am a traveler

Arrested by the sheer magnificence

Intercoursed with such alien beauty

Of this God’s colouring canvass

(c)Warigon 16-16-17


Kaltungo rock


2 thoughts on “KALTUNGO ROCK By William Warigon

  1. Anna Cottage June 23, 2017 / 6:14 pm

    Thank you so much for reblogging one of my Posts, I am more than grateful. Take care.


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