Woods looks bewildered in new police breathalyzer video


A new police video broadcast by US media on Thursday shows a handcuffed Tiger Woods trying to blow into a tube as he passes a breathalyzer test.

The video footage, taken from inside the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office during Woods’s Monday arrest and posted on Golf.com, shows the golf superstar struggling to take the test and being helped back to his seat by the jail official who administered the exam.

In the video a barefooted Woods slumps in a plastic chair before he gets up slowly and walks unsteadily to the testing machine.

The operator whistles at the befuddled golf star to try to get his attention.

“Make a tight seal with your lips and blow directly,” she says, but becomes frustrated as Woods appears to ignore her.

“Watch, look. Blow directly into that tip until I tell you to stop …. blow, blow out, blow out, don’t…

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