Dream Killers & Doubters

Jay Colby

Whatever your dreams or aspirations are whether business, home, family, or self-improvement. There always seems to be someone in the way with an opinion on what you’re trying to achieve. I can personally relate because throughout my path in life I have ran across a number of people who either doubted my dreams and aspirations or simply just didn’t believe in them. It is not really surprising that people may even be close to you squash your dreams on a regular basis. You may not have recognized that dream killers are always around with negative vibes, thoughts, cynical words and opinions. After you encounter with “dream killers” you may look in the mirror, asking yourself can you really achieve your dreams or are you making a mistake. Then your mind might begin to be filled with all types of self-doubt and fear. Though sometimes unintentional and often unaware, many times…

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Here’s What Celebrities Had to Say About Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s T-Shirt Line Controversy


Kendall and Kylie Jenner made headlines this week when they debuted a collection of “vintage” t-shirts that they embellished by putting their initials and pictures of themselves over musical icons like Biggie and Tupac, as well as bands like Pink Floyd, Kiss, and Led Zeppelin.

This so-called fashion statement was roasted on social media and even drew criticism from the Notorious B.I.G.’s mother and his estate. While the sisters later took down the merchandise and issued an apology, there were still plenty of feelings about the t-shirts from people online, including celebrities like Sharon and Kelly Osbourne and Paris Jackson.

Christopher Wallace’s mother Voletta took to Instagram to let her feelings be known.

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A typical nomadic Fulani man is generally viewed by most Nigerians as, well,nomadic.He does not give a hoot about western education, technology or politics.Show him where a good grazing land is big enough for his cattle and he would be ever ready to walk hundreds of kilometres to find that pasture. Whenever he finds himself in the city, he sticks out like a sore thumb because of his mode of dressing, mannerisms and the out-of-this-world questions he asks…This particular Fulani man boarded a bus within the Abuja metropolis and while munching noisily on his roasted corn, suddenly, he froze as if he saw an apparition. Following his gaze, I saw a young Indian woman seated opposite him. His mouth dropped, his eyes became saucerlike, and he was literally salivating. I was fascinated but the cynosure of his eyes was unnerved. She should be, because he was actually undressing her with his eyes.When he finally caught his breath and had a small measure of composure, he sighed heavily. Being the inquisitive cat that I am, I enquired what took his fancy. He sighed again, then nodded his head and answered in his own version of the Hausa language:”Hoddi jam! Yanju na ga inda Allah ya gina mutum da hanunsha. Mu kam shei ya je ya bada kwangilar mu!” (Meaning:”Finally, I behold God’s creation that He used His own hands to create.As for us (the Fulanis) He contracted someone else to create us”).Apparently, he had never seen such flawless skin, alluring diamond eyes, tender bamboo shaped figure, long silky hair, pencil-nose…a totally captivating personage.As for me, I am still reeling with laughter.Truth be told, there is never a dull moment where the nomadic Fulani man is concerned. Next time, I will share with you his experience at the train station!

An Indian Beauty”]image[/caption]

A Nomadic Fulani Man”]image[/caption]



Jay Z Apologizes to Beyoncé in New Album 4:44


Jay Z appears to have finally responded to what was widely perceived as his infidelity in his marriage to Beyoncé on his new album 4:44. On the album’s title track “4:44,” he even explicitly says “I apologize.”

Released at midnight on his streaming music service TIDAL just two weeks after the pair welcomed twins, Jay Z also uses 4:44 to reflect on his accomplishments and experiences as a black man in America. The release marks the “semi-retired” rapper’s return to form nearly four years after the mogul dropped Magna Carta Holy Grail.

“Kill Jay Z,” the first song on the rapper’s highly anticipated 13th studio album, references the widely circulated video of his sister-in-law Solange attacking him in an elevator at the Met Gala after party at the Standard Hotel in New York City in May 2014.

“You egged Solange on, knowin’ all along all you had…

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Anna Cottage

The body laid there

how long who is to say

warm or cold

what does it matter

Now into the future

the longing over

now its real

now here at last

the real love

the body has found

Those days and weeks

months and years

of waiting and wanting

and longing for

their Love

is here at last

Seeing and feeling

to touch and feel

as they did before

but now together

forever at last

The Body warm or cold


Peace and Love

thats all

that counts

Here thank God

the Body has found

that long road

that led to here

and to their one Love

thank God

Musical Rapture – A Sacred Gift of Celestial Music

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