Time stands still
When the voice of power
Resonates through the complex mazes
It cuts deeper than two-edged sword
It heals the broken-hearted
Strengthening to the weak
A voice of reason
Gives a reason to love
Such power, every hour
Reminds us not to be dour
But sweetens love if sour
The voice stills the winds
And romances the hills
Ferocious storm cow under the voice
Volcanoes, thunders, reduced to toys
The sound of the voice
Trembles the table of the earth
It kneels every knee
Causing confessions of colourless tongues
The hardness of the voice
Softens the avalanche of troubles
Reach out and touch the voice
And you will find the one voice
That is yours to shout paeans to the Maker
With a backbone of steel, be the Caretaker
Who can pounce a chance
Of having the last dance


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