POETIC JUSTICE 15 By Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey


On the foothills of Mount Hope
Young Mike lay where he fell
To walk, his legs couldn’t cope
He realized he was in hell
Adrift between life and death
A lone vulture perched on a shorn tree
The harbInger of sadistic death
Out from the dark blue appeared Bree
Kneeling beside Mike oozing love
And offered a silent prayer
With soft gentleness of a dove
She took him home to care
A cultural war raged unabated
To break the leg of this love story
Days and nights, she cooed
Songs of hope, and fed him love
His heart ne’er felt so good
Yet a Higher plan lay above
But Bree carried on  undaunted

not desired or unwanted
Mike finally entered eternal glory
Leaving behind Bree, a folorn wench
Finally, the vulture laughed last
Glorying in the new sadness’s stench
Still, Bree hoped and sang sweetly
Beneath the Mount of Hope


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